Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The Work Bag - ZARA Soft Shopper

It took me a while to find the perfect work/school bag.  I had many different bags but this one from Zara is super.  I could only find the blue colour on the website (which I actually really like for summer) and it is reduced now too. 

What I love about this bag is the shape, length of straps and compartments.  The most handy part of the bag is the removable middle pouch.  This is a soft material and I find it handy to store my personal and smaller items e.g. phone, purse, lip balm, tissues, camera etc.  The fact that it is zipped adds to it's handiness. 

As I take this bag to school (where I work) I keep my notepads and mark book etc to one side of the pouch and water and snacks to the other side.  Sometimes I do overfill it and some items can fall under the pouch but on the most part it is not a problem, as long as I am organised enough.

It is a great size, I can fit my laptop in it, but is also suitable for shopping etc as becomes floppy when not over packed. 

I suppose my most perfect and dream bag would have a few more compartments but this bag is great and I am happy to use it for the foreseeable future, great job Zara. 

Jen xx


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