Sunday, 31 August 2014

InterRailing adventures - Hostels 2014

This is my second post about our InterRail adventure and I am dedicating it solely to our hostel accommodation (for an overview check here).  We booked our hostels in advance (deposit online and then the rest paid for whilst we were there - in cash as cards were issued a charge).  We booked before so that we had a decent choice and for piece of mind but also, as we are a couple, we wanted a double private room and as these can be limited it was good to book.  In three of the four places we also had ensuite rooms, so as I mentioned in my last post we didn't do a budget holiday but this was our personal choice and all the other rooms I managed to glimpse at our hostels looked great.   

We booked and selected the hostels through and I would use them again.  It was super easy to see what the hostels offered, where they were and the reviews were very helpful.  It was straight forward to book and they even sent us a PDF with helpful information for the countries we were booking the hostels for.  Every hostel we stayed in was fab! We had Wifi in our room and the hostel (which is handy when you are checking train times/looking up how to get to places), some provided a breakfast for low money, they were clean and tidy and all the staff were helpful and friendly. 

In Berlin we stayed at East Seven Hostel, this was a little out of the main part of the city but was right near a metro line (again pretty cheap) and the area itself had shops and restaurants.  This hostel was particularly good because it gave information daily about the different activities that were on that day - markets, walking tours, swimming, bar crawls and a lot of things started at the hostel/had pick ups from there which was super handy.  Our double room was large and airy, there was a wardrobe and shelves to store bits.  This was the only place where we had a shared bathroom.  This was constantly clean and there were around 2 bathrooms on each floor so you could move around if the one on yours was busy.  The shower was large and worked well and there was a hairdryer (quite a decent one) in the bathroom.  The hostel sold drinks and had a large kitchen if you fancied cooking.  Breakfast was around 4.00 euros and consisted of cereals and toast with a range of spreads.  It was a brilliant place with 24 hour access and we met and spoke to a range of people there. 

In Prague we stayed in Hostel Mango, another fantastic hostel that reminded us more of a hotel.  We didn't have as much information here but it was on the castle side and around a 30 second walk from the Charles Bridge.  The staff were helpful and had great wifi connection again.  Our double ensuite room was at the top of the hostel with cute d├ęcor and a sloping ceiling.  Again it had a wardrobe, bedside cabinets and the ensuite was equipped with a hairdryer (although this one was a little weak).  They had an out door area which was a little noisy at night however it is expected with hostels and a basement lounge with kitchen, however we didn't really spend a lot of time here.  The staff were helpful and there was leaflets at the front desk which was manned 24/7.  I would definitely stay here again. 

In Vienna we stayed at Wombat - The Lounge Hostel.  This was a larger hostel than the others and one of two Wombat hostels in Vienna.  They had some information about the area but it wasn't as well displayed as the East Seven Berlin hostel.  One of the things that was great about this place was the breakfast (3.90 Euro with a selection of cereals, meat, cheese, fruit, toast, spreads and drinks), we also loved their bar downstairs, great value and with a free pool table it was easy to have fun in the evening if we weren't going out.  Again the double room was huge with a wardrobe and fan and the ensuite was again HUGE!  The area that the hostel was in was right next to a metro station so it was easy to get around and there was no noise at night.   

Finally in Budapest we stayed in Bazar Hostel.  This hostel seemed more lively in the fact that there were always people around, cooking, chatting etc.  Although it did get a little loud at night and our room was right near the lounge area so we heard a lot of the noise late at night.  Again the location and size of the room and ensuite were perfect and the staff were super helpful.  They gave us lots of information, had a range of leaflets and maps and were always ready to answer questions. 

We didn't spend a lot of time in the hostels really but they helped to make the trip great and were a clean and comfortable base after a jam packed day. 

Jen xx

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