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Tag: The lip product addict tag

I have just realised that there have been a lot of lipstick posts recently...ooops...this should be the last one for a while!
Now I wouldn't necessarily say I am a lipstick addict, but I do enjoy a good and decent lip product.  I have seen this post on Youtube and some blogs and really fancied given it a go.  I do like a decent lipstick and am currently pretty satisfied with my collection although I have been tempted by some great suggestions I have seen from the posts. 

Let's get started. 

What is your favourite balm or treatment?
I current really love the original Lanolips and Blistex Intensive Moisturiser.  Both of these help my terribly chapped lips and I go into more detail about them here

What is your favourite eye catching red?
I don't have a wide selection of the shame colours or shades but I do have 2 reds.  My favourite would have to be the L'Oreal Glam Shine Stain Splash in Juliet as this is a little glossier than the other red and therefore a little more eye catching.  It applies really well and I have reviewed these products here.

The best luxury and drugstore product?
My favourite luxury lip product are the YSL Rouge Volupte Shine lipsticks.  I got my first one as a birthday present from my brother (shade 9) and the other I bought for myself with some Christmas money (shade 6).  These lipsticks are creamy and pigmented and the packaging is so sleek and impressive. 
My favourite drugstore are the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks.  I find it tricky to get great drugstore lip products as they don't help with my dry lips (I know stop going on about them right?) and so prefer to get glosses and stains/sticks from the drugstore.  The Bourjois products are beautiful and well worth their price (which isn't a lot).  See a review and swatches here

YSL swatches left number 9, right number 6.
Bourjois swatches left to right: Personne Ne Rouge, Pink Pong and Peach Club

Best MAC lipstick?
Syrup.  My lip colour but better - creamy, smooth and just the best ever! Short and sweet!

Most disappointing lip product?
I suppose it might be drug store lipsticks that just don't settle well on my lips but also all the expensive lip balms I have tried in the battle to soften my lips including the Dior Crème de Rose and Nuxe Reve De Miel.  They just don't work great for me. 

Lip Liner.  Yes or no?
No for the majority of the time - just an extra faff! Although with bright lipsticks, including MACs rebel, I have enjoyed using invisible lip liners which create a barrier and stops feathering.  The one I am currently using is from the Body Shop and it has really helped.  It can be used with any product and you don't have to worry about matching up liner and lip product colours. 

Favourite gloss?
I have started to get back into gloss after not being the biggest fan since my sixth form years.  At the moment my favourite are the Maybelline Colour Sensational High Shine Lip Gloss and the colours I have are 'Glorious Grapefruit' (left swatch) and 'Gleaming Genadine' (right swatch). 

...Something else?
I thought I would mention one of my first loved and more expensive lipsticks: Estee Lauder Pure Colour Long Lasting Lipstick in Lilac Quartz, which unfortunately I can find anywhere online.  I bought this at a discount store in Bicester Village.  This is one of the first lipsticks that I bought that I thought - yes I like it and it suits me!  It is very pigmented but still smooth and reminds we of a darker and less glossy syrup, so definitely a hit!

Let me know if you do this tag, I love reading them and finding new products. 

Jen xx

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