Thursday, 31 July 2014

Current Favourites

I don't normally do favourites as I don't constantly buy or receive new products but I thought I would share some products I have been really enjoying recently.  Some are recent purchases and others I have had for a while and rediscovered. 

STILA Colour Me Pretty Convertible Colour Lip and Cheek Palette
This is a rediscovery and as it's been super hot I've been enjoying using cream products as my blush.  My most used is the middle shade, Gerbera, although I have also been using Peony.  These colours are highly pigmented and a little goes a long way.  I've also been enjoying the kitten highlighting shade.  It provides a lovely sheen to the top of the cheeks.  More info on my previous post here.
The product is normally just over £19, but if you click on the link above, it is currently on sale for just over £9! Bargain! 

RITUALS Fortune Scrub
This shower scrub is just lovely.  I got it free with a magazine quite a while ago and I hadn't gotten around to using it as I was finishing off another scrub.  I have to say I love this; the scent, the texture and how it helps to smooth out and exfoliate the skin, it's very effective.  I'm not too sure I would pay £10 for it (but that's just me) however I would definitely pick it up if it was on sale or a few pounds off. 

SMASHBOX Full Exposure palette
This is a newer purchase and I decided to buy it as I wanted a neutrals matte palette and liked the idea of being able to have mattes and shimmers in one palette so that I can create day and night looks.  I have really been getting into using matte shades during the day.  I heard a lot of mixed reviews about this palette but I swatched it in the shop and found the shadows to be decent and blendable.  I also decided on this palette because I don't have many glitter shadows and this palette definitely has more glitters than shimmers. 
My favourites is the middle matte shade and the two to the right of it, I've been using these for everyday looks. 

BODY SHOP instablur
Another newer purchase and already a firm favourite.  I use this as a base for my makeup and adore the way it feels on the skin.  It provides a great base and smooths out any skin, leaving it silky to touch.  It's brilliant. 

BODY SHOP Lip Line Fixer
Again a great new product.  It works well to stop feathering and bleeding of my brighter lipsticks and products,  I've recently been using it with MACs Rebel and it has helped a lot.  I also like the fact that I can use this with a range of lip products rather than having to find and buy a matching pencil. 

KIKO Eye Lash and Brow Brush  
After searching for what seemed like forever I finally managed to pick up this brush a while ago to use for my brows and I love using it.  It is sturdy and does the job very well.  Not much to say but I'm singing it's praises over here!

JOHN FRIEDA Frizz Ease Smooth Start Conditioner and Straight Fixation Styling Crème
I've always been a big fan of the Frizz Ease range and these products are no exception.  My hair can be very frizzy and unruly but when using these products I can blow dry my hair bit by bit to make it straighter and somewhat wearable without having to straighten it.  YAY!

What have you been loving recently?

Jen xx

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Tag: The lip product addict tag

I have just realised that there have been a lot of lipstick posts recently...ooops...this should be the last one for a while!
Now I wouldn't necessarily say I am a lipstick addict, but I do enjoy a good and decent lip product.  I have seen this post on Youtube and some blogs and really fancied given it a go.  I do like a decent lipstick and am currently pretty satisfied with my collection although I have been tempted by some great suggestions I have seen from the posts. 

Let's get started. 

What is your favourite balm or treatment?
I current really love the original Lanolips and Blistex Intensive Moisturiser.  Both of these help my terribly chapped lips and I go into more detail about them here

What is your favourite eye catching red?
I don't have a wide selection of the shame colours or shades but I do have 2 reds.  My favourite would have to be the L'Oreal Glam Shine Stain Splash in Juliet as this is a little glossier than the other red and therefore a little more eye catching.  It applies really well and I have reviewed these products here.

The best luxury and drugstore product?
My favourite luxury lip product are the YSL Rouge Volupte Shine lipsticks.  I got my first one as a birthday present from my brother (shade 9) and the other I bought for myself with some Christmas money (shade 6).  These lipsticks are creamy and pigmented and the packaging is so sleek and impressive. 
My favourite drugstore are the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks.  I find it tricky to get great drugstore lip products as they don't help with my dry lips (I know stop going on about them right?) and so prefer to get glosses and stains/sticks from the drugstore.  The Bourjois products are beautiful and well worth their price (which isn't a lot).  See a review and swatches here

YSL swatches left number 9, right number 6.
Bourjois swatches left to right: Personne Ne Rouge, Pink Pong and Peach Club

Best MAC lipstick?
Syrup.  My lip colour but better - creamy, smooth and just the best ever! Short and sweet!

Most disappointing lip product?
I suppose it might be drug store lipsticks that just don't settle well on my lips but also all the expensive lip balms I have tried in the battle to soften my lips including the Dior Crème de Rose and Nuxe Reve De Miel.  They just don't work great for me. 

Lip Liner.  Yes or no?
No for the majority of the time - just an extra faff! Although with bright lipsticks, including MACs rebel, I have enjoyed using invisible lip liners which create a barrier and stops feathering.  The one I am currently using is from the Body Shop and it has really helped.  It can be used with any product and you don't have to worry about matching up liner and lip product colours. 

Favourite gloss?
I have started to get back into gloss after not being the biggest fan since my sixth form years.  At the moment my favourite are the Maybelline Colour Sensational High Shine Lip Gloss and the colours I have are 'Glorious Grapefruit' (left swatch) and 'Gleaming Genadine' (right swatch). 

...Something else?
I thought I would mention one of my first loved and more expensive lipsticks: Estee Lauder Pure Colour Long Lasting Lipstick in Lilac Quartz, which unfortunately I can find anywhere online.  I bought this at a discount store in Bicester Village.  This is one of the first lipsticks that I bought that I thought - yes I like it and it suits me!  It is very pigmented but still smooth and reminds we of a darker and less glossy syrup, so definitely a hit!

Let me know if you do this tag, I love reading them and finding new products. 

Jen xx

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Review: Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet

Ok so I know that EVERYONE has blogged about these products (and done it months ago might I add) but I like to truly use a product and then review it hence why this is a little behind the others!

To cut a long story short these are great products; they are creamy, pigmented and long lasting. 

 The first two I bought were 'Pink Pong' (a bright, popping pink) and 'Peach Club' (peach as the name suggests)  and soon after I purchased 'Personne Ne Rouge!' (an orange tonned red).  I was keen to try the bright colours - particularly 'Pink Pong' - as when going for brights it's important to me that they don't smudge and you're not checking the mirror every 5 minutes.  So these products were perfect. 

Left to right: Personne Ne Rouge, Pink Pong and Peach Club
Pink Pong
Peach Club
Personne Ne Rouge
I was a little wary of these products as I have naturally very dry lips and so have always stayed away from matte formulas.  However these apply so creamy and comfortably without showing/accentuating cracks and dry parts.  Even though they last a long time on the lips they do not become extremely dry over time either.   

I am super impressed with these products and would recommend them straight away.

Have you tried any of the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets?   

Jen xx

Saturday, 5 July 2014

The ultimate lip balm hunt

Man oh man do I have a lot of lip balms!  For years I have been on the hunt for the perfect one which will moisturise my (badly) chapped lips and create a good base for lipsticks.  My search has lead me to cheaper products and to high end (why am I paying this price?) products.  My logic behind the higher priced balms was that if they solve and can deter my chapped lips then they will so be worth the money. 

So some background on my lips.  My lips can become super dry and chapped and flaky (attractive right?), especially during the colder winter months.  Sometimes they can be sore and bleed if really chapped. They are not smooth all year round and so my quest for the best lip balm for me has been an ongoing process and, if I want to get really dramatic about it, quite a struggle. 

Like most girls in their teens I started on the classic Vaseline and swiftly moved onto Carmex.  Both of these are not suitable for me to moisturise my lips.  I have heard that they tend to just layer over the problem rather than solving it.  For me both these products would sit on my lips and maybe make them smoother for half an hour or so and then I would need to top up again - not what I want from a product really.  I have kept both these products in my stash as Vaseline is helpful for other reasons (recently used to product the skin around my brows when dying them) but I think it might be time to chuck away the Carmex!

Since reading blogs and watching beauty Youtube channels my search ventured into the higher priced brands.  Their talk of these balms working wonders on their lips lured me in but (again) unfortunately for me they just didn't quite do the job.  First up the Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips (please can I draw your attention to the 'for lips' section of the name!)  This one is actually pretty good for me, it has a thick consistency and has a light musky scent.  This does work well but not when my lips are super chapped.  I like to use this during the night or when I need a little top up and it's easy to reach for.  I will definitely repurchase this when it runs out, however I don't use it too often. 

My next splurge was the Nuxe Reve de Miel.  I really wanted to love this one, all the top Youtubers I watch raved about this product saying how it had done wonders for them, but again I just didn't get on with it!  Am I the only person? I love the scent of this and the texture is creamy (although it can have some lumps in it), it glided onto the skin well but then would just tend to sit on the harder parts of my lips.  I am determined to finish the pot and so will be using this more at night - perhaps this is it's best way for me so I may have to have an update if it works out better. 

My last more expensive product I asked for Christmas and as my mum said - it's a time when you can be treated to more expensive products - so luckily for me mum and Dad gave it to me as a gift.  I really liked this to start with, once I had gone through the first layer the softer under layer worked well on my lips and the scent was also very appealing.  However after several uses I realised it wasn't long lasting and didn't cut it on those really bad lip days.  Perhaps if you have slightly chapped lips this may work for you, as it did again for SO many Youtubers and bloggers.  Again I wanted to love it but I have come to the conclusion that my lips must be very different to others!  I have used a lot of this product and am hoping it might come into it's own during the summer months - here's hoping!

One product that I found at a bargain price was the Neutrogena Intense Repair Lip Balm.  This for me was THE ONE.  Although it could be a little white (I had no problem with this as it could be blended in) it smoothed over my lips so well and after some time working it cleared the chapped patches on my lips.  I was delighted! It also worked well as a base so I could put lipsticks on over it without them looking terrible - one of my key aims.  However after purchasing 2 or 3 of these I soon discovered that they were being discontinued and had been taken off the shelves before I could stock up!  Man I was gutted, so the search continued...

Since then I have found two other products which work well but can't really be used under lipsticks (they need to settle into the lips first).  One if Lanolips and the other is the Body shop Aloe lip care.  I will definitely repurchase the Lanolips but I'm not too sure about the Body shop one (this needs to be tested a little more!).  The Body shop one smells like Fruit Salads to me, as in the blackjacks and Fruit salads!  Delicious!  Both of these leave a slight shine to the lips. 

Last but not least my current favourite - Blistex.  I purchased this on a whim when browsing the Boots lip balm/care section and am so glad I did.  Again like the Nuetrogena one it has a slight white layer but this can easily be blended in - perhaps this is the key element for me!  It works really well on my lips even when they are super chapped, lasts well, works great under lipsticks and at such a bargain price I can't go wrong.  If you have tried other products and their just not cutting it for you I would definitely recommend it.  Unfortunately it is a small tube (only 5grams) so I am having to repurchase regularly but anything that makes me feel more confident to wear lipsticks/other lip products is worth it in my book!

I would also like to mention the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick, I purchased this along with some of the other eight hour cream products on a plane back from holiday and really enjoyed using this at night time.  It was quickly running out!  This is good because it has SPF15, which the blistex does not, so this will be a good product to take on holiday with me.  It does have the strange (I don't like it) eight hour cream smell but is not as strong as the original cream.  This is a lovely product but again not the biggest size.

Wow what a SUPER long post - who knew lips could be such trouble!!