Monday, 5 May 2014

My MAC lipstick collection

I haven't really been the biggest fan of MAC, it took me a long time into my makeup buying days before I ventured into MAC and bought something of theirs.  I think my first product was their blush in 'Harmony' which I bought with House of Fraser vouchers.  I suppose it was the price that put me off a little and the daunting experience of having the staff asking you questions. 

Left to right: Syrup, Rebel, Crosswires and Chatterbox

When I was in New York I wanted to get a few MAC things as they are cheaper over there and I managed to pick up two lipsticks - Syrup and Chatterbox.  I have to say I really like their lipsticks, they are hydrating, pigmented and have such a great selection of colours and finishes.

I have 4 different lipsticks from different finishes but I have to say that I think lustre is my favourite.  The Lustre finishes can be applied lightly and really help to moisturise the lips. 

Syrup - Lustre
Syrup is my favourite out of the 4 and probably my all time favourite lipstick.  It is soft, creamy and a lovely neutral/everyday colour.  I have recently compared it with the L'Oreal Liquid Lipstick Molto Mauve once applied to the lips.  Originally I was looking for Plumful but the shop did not have that shade and I spotted this one instead.  It is a purple toned pink and absolutely brilliant!! I know I will repurchase this.  I can wear it as an everyday colour and for going out with a smokey/full eye look.

Chatterbox - Amplified
I haven't worn this lipstick as much as I should have but it is definitely a summer shade and I plan to wear it more this summer.  As it's amplified it needs a bit more care during application but is still creamy.  It is definitely more pigmented then syrup but has an equally lovely colour.  Chatterbox on me is a baby/barbie pink colour, although it looks brighter in the packaging. 

Crosswires - Cremesheen
Cremesheens are quite a few people's favourite formula (I still prefer Lustres).  This is a recent purchase and already I've been loving it.  On my lips this is a coral red colour and again applies easily and leaves a good finish - a little glossy but not as much as Syrup. 

Rebel - Satin
This is another newer purchase.  I really like the colour although I need to be careful with the application as it is a dark and pigmented colour.  When applied fully this is a deep purple colour, although if dabbed on sparingly it is a lighter pinky purple colour (much more purple than pink).  I need to have confidence when wearing this and test it out when eating. 

I am really enjoying the formula of the MAC lipsticks and the colours they offer.  At the moment I am happy with my MAC collection and will probably wait until I have run out of some before I buy another one (although that could easily change!)

What are your favourite MAC lipsticks?

Jen xx