Friday, 18 April 2014

Holiday Haulin' - Clothes

The holidays are always dangerous as I have a little bit more time on my hands and therefore I'm able to go and buy bits and bobs and venture further afield to different shops.  I was so looking forward to this Easter break as it's been super busy at school and I was excited to be able to relax and do different things that I hadn't been able to do previously.

On one of my shopping trips (yes one of them...) I went to Westfield Stratford.  I needed to buy a dress for my cousins wedding (I had no formal summer style dresses in my wardrobe) and after exhausting the shops in the towns near me I decided to see what the London centre had to offer.  I was also wanting to take a look in Forever 21 as this is a shop I don't get to too often and they have some great affordable pieces. 

The first shop I went to was Forever 21.  I ended up spending quite a bit of time there as it is a large shop with a lot of things to browse.  I was looking for clothes for spring and summer, particularly longer skirts because, as I'm growing older, short skirts just aren't cutting it any more and I'm not the biggest fan of my legs.  I ended up buying a denim style (it is much thinner than actual denim) knee-length skirt and a light grey cropped vest top which I intend to wear with high-waisted skirts. 

I then had a sneak peak at the accessories as they always have some great pieces.  I decided to buy three statement necklaces, two casual and one more fancy.  The casual ones are made from beads, they are quite chunky and add a nice pop of colour to any outfit.  I own quite a few black clothes so these necklaces will be a nice touch.  The fancier necklace is not normally something I would go for but it really stood out to me, it is pretty heavy but I think will really set off an outfit, especially for date nights or going out.  this was more expensive (around £13) but worth it. 

Going back to the wedding outfit I think I trawled through every shop possible but could not find the perfect fit.  I thought I was lucky in John Lewis but realised that dresses which were more fitted clung too much to my bottom half and the next size up made the top half saggy - so my search continued for a dress that was loose fitting in the bottom area!  Eventually I went to Warehouse and spotted a light blue dress - I'm not usually the fan of light blue for myself - but I tried it on and phew(!) it was a great fit and I liked the look.  I was super happy to have found a dress!

On another trip I needed to get some new underwear items - thank you Marks and Spencers - and wanted some vest tops that I could wear in the summer (some of my older ones are a little dishevelled now).  I found a neon-coral, crop scallop top in Topshop which will go well with high-waisted bottoms and some basic tops from H and M.  The orange one will be perfect for the gym as it is baggy and light. 

Lastly I went into Zara to look for a black bag I had seen on a blog (a forget which one!).  I was thinking about a new bag for school which I can use for my personal bits (purse, phone etc) but also which I can use to put in my mark book and any other bits and pieces I need to bring home.  This Zara bag is brilliant for me, I love a classic black bag as it goes with anything and the inside zipped pouch is perfect for the personal items I mentioned.  It is roomy and a good price, I just hope it can withstand the weight of some of the bits I transport too and from school!  Time will tell - I'll do a separate post on this with pictures, or you can look on the link above.   

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