Monday, 28 April 2014

Review: L'oreal L'Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick by Color Riche

I was really intrigued when the L'oreal L'Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick by Color Riche lip products hit the shelves.  I am a great fan of the L'Oreal GlamShine Stain Splash lip glosses and so wanted to see what differences this product had to offer.  I have to say I was a little confused as to what this product was - is it a lip gloss, lipstick or lip stain?  It seems to have a combination of all three but as the name suggests it is a liquid lipstick!

 I really like the GlamShine Stain Splash line as they are long-lasting, glossy and easy to apply and wear and so I was hoping for similar things with this line - I wasn't disappointed!

I only have one of the line - 500 Molto Mauve - a lovely purple toned pink, very similar to my lip colour.  It glides on super well and does not leave my lips feeling dry.  I love the effect it gives, my lips look fuller and it's such a pretty colour.  I really like the shade of Molto Mauve, it reminds me of Syrup (my favourite MAC lipstick shade) and is a fab neutral/everyday shade for me. 

This product also smells delicious, like sweeties, this might put some people off but I love it!  I know I will get so much use out of these product particularly when I am going for an everyday look or wearing a heavy eye look.  As you can see from the picture above it does have a little shimmer in it but I can deal with that easily!

Have you tried any of the shades from this range? What are your opinions?

Jen xx

Monday, 21 April 2014

Holiday haulin' - beauty

So another haul from my lovely 2 week break.  It was such a brilliant break - the right mix of work and relaxation!  So, on some of my many trips, I managed to pick up some beauty bits, some spur of the moment purchases and some 'required' products (required is being used very loosely here). 

One of those products was the Dove Summer Glow Nourishing Lotion.  I have never ever faked tanned, probably for two main reasons 1) I'm very pale and so am nervous that the first time I do it it will be like 'WOAH what happened to you!?' and 2) I am worried that it will go horribly wrong and I'll be streak central.  I have however used the gradual tanning lotions for a few years now and been happy with the results.  Now I don't get a 'look how sun kissed and golden my body is' vibe from it but I do enjoy using it on my legs to add a little colour.  This can become a little streaky if you over do the lotion in a haste to be golden but if you take your time and it will be lovely and natural. 

I have also purchased some lipstick/lipstain products including the L'Oreal L'Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick by Color Riche  in the shade Molto Mauve (500) and the Bourjois Rouge Edition velvet lipstick in the shades Pink Pong and Peach Club.  I don't want to say too much about them as I will do separate reviews when I have tested them a little longer.  What I can say is that I am very happy with them!

I also picked up some Kiko bits and pieces when I went to Westfield Stratford.  I had seen Barbara from the Persian babe talk about the water eyeshadow products from the brand and the colours she picked up looked great.  When I went into the shop there were some fantastic colours, I was very tempted by two: 209 Olive Green and 218 Grapefruit Pink,, which too me is a much more golden-orange shade.  These are colours I don't normally don't go for so thought they would be a nice addition to my collection.  They apply well and can be intensified by adding water.  These are a higher price than I normally pay for eye shadows (£8.90) but worth it, I've used the green colour and loved it.  I also picked up an eyebrow spoolie brush which was a little expensive for me at £6.90 but again it was worth it as it has been very useful and super soft on my brows.

I also picked up new nail colours from Models Own.  This is the first time I have purchased Models Own, they were reduced a little (£4 rather than £8 at the time).  I picked up two from the Speckled eggs collection (duck and goose), one from Beetlejuice (purple blue) and 1 from the Splash collection (mermaid tears).  I've been enjoying all of them although, as I find with all chunky glitters, the mermaid tears is tricky to apply for a great effect. 

From left to right: mermaid tears, duck, goose and purple blue

 Have you got any of these products?  What are your opinions on them?

Jen xx

Friday, 18 April 2014

Holiday Haulin' - Clothes

The holidays are always dangerous as I have a little bit more time on my hands and therefore I'm able to go and buy bits and bobs and venture further afield to different shops.  I was so looking forward to this Easter break as it's been super busy at school and I was excited to be able to relax and do different things that I hadn't been able to do previously.

On one of my shopping trips (yes one of them...) I went to Westfield Stratford.  I needed to buy a dress for my cousins wedding (I had no formal summer style dresses in my wardrobe) and after exhausting the shops in the towns near me I decided to see what the London centre had to offer.  I was also wanting to take a look in Forever 21 as this is a shop I don't get to too often and they have some great affordable pieces. 

The first shop I went to was Forever 21.  I ended up spending quite a bit of time there as it is a large shop with a lot of things to browse.  I was looking for clothes for spring and summer, particularly longer skirts because, as I'm growing older, short skirts just aren't cutting it any more and I'm not the biggest fan of my legs.  I ended up buying a denim style (it is much thinner than actual denim) knee-length skirt and a light grey cropped vest top which I intend to wear with high-waisted skirts. 

I then had a sneak peak at the accessories as they always have some great pieces.  I decided to buy three statement necklaces, two casual and one more fancy.  The casual ones are made from beads, they are quite chunky and add a nice pop of colour to any outfit.  I own quite a few black clothes so these necklaces will be a nice touch.  The fancier necklace is not normally something I would go for but it really stood out to me, it is pretty heavy but I think will really set off an outfit, especially for date nights or going out.  this was more expensive (around £13) but worth it. 

Going back to the wedding outfit I think I trawled through every shop possible but could not find the perfect fit.  I thought I was lucky in John Lewis but realised that dresses which were more fitted clung too much to my bottom half and the next size up made the top half saggy - so my search continued for a dress that was loose fitting in the bottom area!  Eventually I went to Warehouse and spotted a light blue dress - I'm not usually the fan of light blue for myself - but I tried it on and phew(!) it was a great fit and I liked the look.  I was super happy to have found a dress!

On another trip I needed to get some new underwear items - thank you Marks and Spencers - and wanted some vest tops that I could wear in the summer (some of my older ones are a little dishevelled now).  I found a neon-coral, crop scallop top in Topshop which will go well with high-waisted bottoms and some basic tops from H and M.  The orange one will be perfect for the gym as it is baggy and light. 

Lastly I went into Zara to look for a black bag I had seen on a blog (a forget which one!).  I was thinking about a new bag for school which I can use for my personal bits (purse, phone etc) but also which I can use to put in my mark book and any other bits and pieces I need to bring home.  This Zara bag is brilliant for me, I love a classic black bag as it goes with anything and the inside zipped pouch is perfect for the personal items I mentioned.  It is roomy and a good price, I just hope it can withstand the weight of some of the bits I transport too and from school!  Time will tell - I'll do a separate post on this with pictures, or you can look on the link above.   

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Skincare happy

The body shop really has become one of my favourite shops for affordable but great quality body and skin products.  Everything I buy from them has not disappointed which increases my love of the brand further. 

A long time ago (around February) I purchased their Vitamin E moisturiser and night serum which were sold together in a pack for a cheaper price (which I have forgotten!) but both are £12 individually - although there are often sales and deals on. 

The moisturiser - Vitamin E intense moisture cream - has really helped my skin.  I wouldn't have said before that my skin is very dry (the skin type this product is aimed at) but I did have a few dry patches around my nose and mouth area which would arise throughout the day.  This moisturiser has sorted those right out and keeps them away all day!  During the winter months this has been a holy grail for me and I use it everyday. 

It has a smooth and slightly thick texture so I don't need to use too much, I've been using it everyday for 2 months and have more than half left.  I dot it around my face and, although it is a little thick, it blends in well and does not feel greasy on the skin.  Time will tell if this is suitable for me in the summer but it will be a winter repurchase for sure and a skincare item I will continue to use - I'm so happy I purchased it.    

The vitamin E overnight serum-in-oil was something that I had wanted to try for a while and so seeing it paired with the moisturiser for a smaller price was great for me.  I have really been enjoying this.  I have to say I was a little nervous to use a facial oil as sometimes my skin can be oily in areas and greasy in the morning, however I would not look back!  As the name suggests the product is a clear oil, which when rubbed in, sinks into the skin quickly and does not make my face feel greasy, even when I have used a little too much - oops!  I have found that the amount in the pipette when you remove it from the container seems to be the right amount for my face - no extra squeezing necessary!   

I'm not too sure of the replenishing affects for this product individually as I have used it in conjunctions with the moisturiser but it would be something I would consider repurchasing.  Using both of these products has left my skin feeling super smooth and soft. 

I'm also very found of the packaging of both these products.  Having the plastic cover on the moisturiser is hygienic and a nice touch and the glass pipette for the serum makes it appear more expensive than it is.

What are your skincare choices at the moment?  Have you tried either of these products or something else from The Body Shop that you love?

Jen xx

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Tag - Life in letters

I was tagged by the lovely Amy from blendingbeauty to do the 'Life in letters' tag.  This has taken me ages to do - sorry but basically we have to use all the letters of the alphabet to write some facts about ourselves.  So here goes...

A - animals - I studied biology for my undergraduate degree and found the animal topics particularly interesting.  I also love David Attenborough I think he is so inspirational!
B - blogging - I'm new to blogging and although I dont get to do it too often, because of my work commitments, I really enjoy it and it gives me something else to focus on. 
C - crisps - they are my downfall! I eat them all the time and could eat them constantly! When I was younger I used to have a thing for cucumber! 
D - dancing - right I am no pro but one of the things I love to do is dance, even if it is bad/cheesy dancing! I enjoy going to clubs for the dancing and will often bogey around in my car/room. 
E - Europe - one day I would like to travel to different countries and cities in Europe particularly Switzerland, Belgium and Germany. 
F - friends and family - these are the most important things in my life. They mean the world to me and are there for the fun and sad times. 
G - guitar - when I was younger I used to play electric guitar for a few years and really enjoyed it. Unfortunately when I went to uni I stopped as I moved away but I still have my guitar so could pick it up and jam one day if I felt like it! 
H - hungry - I always seem to be hungry! Food is something that I really enjoy. I like going out to restaurants and trying new cuisine. I also enjoy cooking when I have the time. 
I - Italian food - pizza, pasta, mozzarella - do I need to say anymore?
J - Jennifer, my name, although I prefer Jen, also for Jonathan, the name of my boyfriend. 
K - Kindle - I don't get much chance to read but when I do it's great.  I've recently finished Game of thrones and find my kindle such an easy way to read books.  I've been taking it to the gym when I've been cycling - it helps to pass the time!
L - laughing - I absolutely love to have a laugh and joke around. Most of my friend make me laugh and I feel that having a giggle and laughing is one of the best things in life! 
M - Mum (and dad) - my rocks, I'm so lucky to have them :)
N - Nottingham - where I did my undergraduate degree, I loved it there, it's a great city and the university campus was so pretty! I had a great three years :). 
O - Options.  Ok I found this one really hard but came up with options.  In life I like to have options and help others to think about their options - there is always a silver lining!
P - purple - my favourite colour.
Q - Quidditch - man I'd love to play it!
U - USA - I was a little stuck for this one however I was thinking about New York and realised 'N' was taken so this one seems the next best thing. I had wanted to travel to New York for years and last year I was lucky enough to go with my family at Easter. It was the BEST time and lived up to all my dreams. I constantly think about it and ideally would love to teach out there but I don't think I'm confident enough to go for it! I would also love to travel to other areas of America, especially the south. 
R - Rich - my brother - another rock in my life.  It's great how close we are. 
S - Sandwiches - I do love a great sandwich. I often have cravings for egg and cress and prawn and mayo.  I like any sandwich that has a full filling!
T - teaching - it had to be this, such a big part of my life! 
U - University - I had a great time at both the Universities I went to (undergrad and PGCE).  I went when it wasn't ridiculously priced but it was such a great experience and I learnt so many new things and helped me to gain more independence. 
V - Vacations - I love being on holiday, even if it is just chilling at home and not going anywhere.  After working super hard all week any rest is much appreciated!
W - Wimbledon - I love tennis and before I taught I would go every year for ground entry tickets.  I also worked there as a steward for security (the longest shifts ever!). 
X - Xmas - Christmas time is so special - again a chance to spend quality time with friends and family (and a break from school)
Y - YapYapYap - I enjoy having a chat and talking with friends. (I struggled with that one if you couldn't tell!)
Z - Zoombinis - anyone else remember this incredible computer game? I loved it, it's where you created little characters with different features and played maths games to move level and get your zoombinis to Zoombini land.  Ah I wish I could still play!

Ha that was actually pretty hard, I did struggle a bit and some are very tenuous! 

I would like to tag the following people to have a go as I would like to learn more about them :)

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Jen xx