Monday, 24 February 2014

The Liebster Award

I was totally surprised and excited to be nominated for the Liebster blog award.  It is such a lovely idea where bloggers who are new/not well known (less than 200 followers) can award and nominate each other.  So thank you ever so much to the lovely Jess from beingmejess.  Jess has a great, clearly laid out blog.  She has fab pictures of the products she reviews and interesting posts about  a whole range of things and I'm chuffed she nominated me!
Ok so it works by me writing 11 facts about myself, then answering 11 questions from Jess and then posing 11 new questions to some lovely people I follow who have less than 200 followers and post on their blogs to tell them I have nominated them, so here goes!
11 facts about me
1. I am a teacher and have been teaching for 1 and a half years.
2. I currently teach in a Junior school (7-11years).
3. My undergraduate degree was in Biology at Nottingham University - it was fantastic there!
4. I have been going out with my boyfriend, Jon, for nearly 4 years (this March).
5. If I can ever afford/have a dog I would love a King Charles Spaniel and would name him 
6. My best friend recently got me into Buffy the Vampire Slayer - I have now finished the
    series and LOVE Spike.
7. Crisps are my weakness, I could eat them all day every day.  
8. I love all types of music but particularly dance music and hip-hop.
9. I love Eminem!
10. My friends do not know about this blog (as far as I am aware) and I'm worried about
      what they would think/say if they did.
11. I currently live with my mum, dad and brother, I am saving to move out with my lovely
      Mann (not spelt wrong - his surname is Mann!)
Jess' questions
1) What is your favourite restaurant? So tricky - I would probably have to say Miso, a Chinese restaurant, (blog post here) just because it is delicious, has huge portions and is cheap!
2) Who inspired you to make your blog? I would have to say I was inspired by a range of youtubers and bloggers including FleurDeForce, Icovetthee, ThePersianBabe and essiebutton to name a few.  Recently since I have been blogging though I have found many new exciting and maybe not so well bloggers who keep me inspired with their great posts.  Also an honorary mention to Jon who is so supportive and always said I should give it a go - it's a great escape from teaching/work and an enjoyable hobby!
3) Do you prefer winter or summer? Again a toughy as there are aspects of both that I enjoy but I think I would have to choose Winter.  I love the cosiness of the season and most of my family members birthdays (including mine) are at this time and Christmas is such a special family time too.  I enjoy the crisp air, wrapping up (having heating on at home) and everywhere looks colourful and romantic with the lights.  As long as the rain stays away I am happy!
4) Who is your favourite music artist? I'm a big fan of Eminem's music and currently am loving Bastille - that voice!!
5) What one thing do you want to achieve in your lifetime? I think having my own little place I can call home where I can spend time with family and friends. 
6) What beauty product have you bought and been most impressed with? The Sleek eyeshadow palette in Storm, a great range of eyeshadows for any look. 
7) What country would you love to live in/visit? I would love to visit an African country, 1 because going on a safari is a dream holiday of mine, animals and nature are so special, and 2 it would be brilliant to do some teaching is a school in Africa.  As in living I adore England, however I wouldn't say no to a year in America (New York please!) 
8) Do you take part in any sports? If so which ones? I used to play netball in High School and now help to run the netball club at the school I work in, I would love to start it up again for myself but it's a large commitment!
9) What was/is your favourite subject in school? I loved English in school and art as it was always such a chill out lesson.  During A-level my love of biology came through and psychology.  Now I love to teach Maths and Science!
10) If you could change anything about yourself what would it be? Possibly the fact that I always worry about what others think about me although I feel that I have got better at that - if they are your friends then they won't care. 
11) What is your favourite accessory? I'm not going to be specific but will say necklaces as they can be classy and sophisticated or statement and fun and change up an outfit well.  
Ok so I'm not too sure if I'm meant to be that detailed in my answers but the fingers kept typing!
My questions
1. Are you more of a skin care or make up person?
2. What was the inspiration for your blog name?
3. Have you been to any meet ups since you started your blog/would you like too?
4. What is your biggest achievement in your life so far?
5. What is your favourite item of clothing at the moment?
6. If you could eat any food a lot and it wouldn't make you unhealthy what would you eat?
7. What is your favourite genre of film you like to watch?  
8. Do you have a job, if so what is it?
9. What is your favourite thing about the place you live?
10. What would you say is your best feature or personality trait?
11. What make up are you currently wearing?
I nominate - sorry if you have done this before(!)
Jordan from
Bethany from
Hristina from (this is a cheat as she has 213 followers but I enjoy the blog!!)
Lucy from
Maria from
I hope you enjoyed this post, thanks again to Jess for the tag. I'm looking forward to seeing the replies of the people I have tagged!
Jen xx


  1. Thanks for the nomination! mine is up now, would love you to see my answers x

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    1. Thank you :)
      Your blog is lovely too and I'm now following you on bloglovin'

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