Thursday, 20 February 2014

Ping pong - dim sum restaurant

First of all I just need to say - YUM - this was one delicious meal! But some background...over the half term I met up with some teachers that don't work at the school any more.  We went to London and had a mooch around and a chat.  One of my friends is super keen on art and so we headed to the Tate Modern.  When we got there we saw there was a runway there for London fashion week and it was for Topshop Unique.  After seeing a few paintings and interesting art pieces we decided to watch the show from a viewing point high up and behind glass.  We saw Michael Van de Ham's collection and I have to say, for my first fashion show, I really enjoyed it. 

After this excitement we headed out for some food and ended up at Ping Pong just off of the Southbank and boy I'm glad we did!  At the time we arrived there were only sharing tables left, but with there being four of us we didn't mind this.  The tables were circular and could fit 8 people, it is a little cosy (at one point I was poked by a strangers chop stick!) but not too uncomfortable. 

Two of my friends had been there before and so talked through the menu with us.  Ping Pong is a mix of oriental food from a range of countries and has a vast amount of Dim Sum on the menu.  We could either choose a range of dishes or go for the sharing platters, which we decided to do.  I also went for a lemongrass and lime cocktail, a vodka based cocktail with lychee juice (they definitely did not hold back on the lemongrass!), this was very refreshing and enjoyable.  Two of my friends also went for cocktails, but theirs were rum based.   


The dishes arrived as they were cooked which was good as we could pick at particular food we wanted and then have a break (which we definitely needed).  For our sharing platter we had a selection of 9 small dishes all of which were delicious.

Duck spring roll - this was very crunchy and had a thick plum sauce.
Roast Pork Puff - I love anything that has sesame seeds, this was surprisingly sweet. 
Chicken Wonton Soup - very hot (as in temperature not spice), I do find these soups a little bland but the chicken packets inside were tasty.
Potato and edamame cakes - I was really looking forward to these as I'm a big fan of edamame beans.  This was creamy, smooth and delicious! I could have had more!
I can't remember which steamed dumpling this is but we had: Prawn and chive, chicken and cashew nut and seafood.  I haven't had dumplings that much before so can't really compare, I found they sticky and chewy but filled with a scrumptious and substantial filling.
King prawn and scallop sticky rice - this was delicious too, very sticky (as the name suggests!), the only problem was that this was given at the end so some of the girls were a little full up. 

So there you have it a HUGE and delicious meal, where I managed to eat everything!  The sauces, food and service were great.  The price was reasonable too, I paid £25 for my meal, including food, tip and cocktail.  The sharing platter was £31, so £15.50 each and the cocktail around £7.00 (average price for London).  I would definitely head back here again to try more things on the vast menu.

Have you ever been to Ping Pong? What is your favourite restaurant? Any recommendations would be much appreciated! 

Jen xx

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