Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Full of Glory?

Soap and Glory is a brand that I got into about 4 years ago.  My first experience with them was their skincare, particularly their body butters and scrubs.  I am a fan of their skincare and the brand and so recently I have ventured a little into their makeup range and enjoyed doing so! 

Previously I had bought the eye shadow quad in 'What's Nude' and found it so useful for day and night looks and travelling (in fact I'm taking it away this weekend).  I had wanted to try more from the brand but do find them quite expensive for the drugstore especially when they are not as widely known for their makeup as other brands.  However Boots were doing 3 for 2 on the brand and so I decided to get the products I had been yearning after for a while. 

The first product I had wanted to try was 'One Heck of a Blot', their translucent setting powder.  I had seen FleurDeForce rave about this product which had tempted me to start with.  The thing that swung me into buying it was the packaging.  I do like the Rimmel Stay Matte powder but after the powder has been in my bag for a few days and (unfortunately) battered about, the plastic package is easily broken.  The Soap and Glory powder has a more sturdy packaging and flip lid which is better than the Rimmel take off lid (which I find easily snaps), it also has a mirror in the lid which is always handy.

The powder itself is great, it does not look cakey, provides coverage and sets my makeup well. 


The second product I had wanted to buy for while too and so finding it three for two made it even better!  The Kick Ass Concealer is a great little product with multiple parts making it worth the money.  There are 3 parts to it - 2 creamy concealers and a setting powder.  There is a peach concealer for under the eyes and a yellow concealer for concealing around the face.  Both have a good creamy texture and apply well to the skin.  I find the setting powder super helpful as it prevent creasing and increases the lasting power of the product.  The concealers blend in well, especially the peach colour, I find it quite like the Bobbi Brown creamy concealer.  The packaging again makes it good for taking in my bag as it is sturdy and has all I need in a small package. 



The last  product I got in the deal is their Archery brow product.  It is a 2 ended product.  One end has a liquid pen like nib to it which is a darkish brown colour, I find this end a little hard to use as the colour is dark (it makes my brows really stand out which is something I am not fully comfortable with yet) and it does tend to seep into the skin and spread!  The second end I have gotten used to using and provides a good colour for my brows.  It is more of a pencil end, I find it needs to be used a lot for the product to show, I need to press a little hard although it is not tough on the brows.  This end is long lasting, I can't comment on the other end as I didn't have it on long enough to test it out. 

Left - tinted pen end, right - pencil/crayon end 
I'm really impressed with these products so far and feel happier to pay more for the products as they have sturdy packaging which in the long run will help the products to last longer! 

Have you got any Soap and Glory make up products? What are your opinions on them?

Jen xx


  1. I love the S&G lipgloss and chubby sticks, I love the thick and fast mascara too, I'd love to try one heck of a blot, (I like Rimmel stay matte as its totally translucent) I wonder if this one's the same hmm great post :) x

    1. Thank you :)
      I haven't tried any of their lip products but have heard good things! I feel that one heck of a blot has a tiny bit more colour than the Rimmel one but the colour is not overly noticeable.