Monday, 6 January 2014

Yankee Candle - a cheaper option?

I love a good Yankee Candle, don't most people?  Beautiful jars and scents but for me a rather hefty and not so beautiful price tag!  To be fair they are not the most expensive out there, some can be £50 right(?) and I'm not saying that Yankee candles are over priced, but for me I am not willing to pay £18 for a candle, I'd rather spend that on clothes or make-up or a meal out!  They are probabaly great value for the burning time and size of the candles, however I like to get my Yankee candle joy in a different form than the glass jars - the 'Tart Wax Melts'. 

The 'Tart Wax Melts' are designed to go in a Tart Warmer (what a flattering name!).  They sit ontop and then the heat from a tealight melts the Wax and releases the scent. 

I enjoy this way of burning Yankee Candles as it means that I can switch up the scents more often depending on my mood and they are easier to store than a large jar/several jars.  I bought my Tart Warmer over a year ago, I believe it was £12 from a local Hallmark store (gift and card shop).  I chose this one as it had a pretty pattern in colours I liked and I thought that because it is glass I would still be able to get a glow from the candle.  They do lots of other fantastic designs too.   

I have a lot of the 'Tart Wax Melts' they seem to pile up around my birthday and Christmas time as my mum always buys me new scents.  They are just chunks of wax which can buy for between 70p-£1.25.  After they melt they turn into hemispheres, these can be popped out of the Tart Warmer and stored for later use.  I have lots of burned 'Tart Wax Melts' which I keep for future use, when I fancy that scent again and they still retain the scent even after they have been melted and cooled several times, something which I like about this method.  

Any vanilla scents are my favourite but as with all candles I steer clear from the spicy scents, especially cinnamon - Ataste and scent I am really not fond of. 

When I burn candles I do enjoy the glowing aspect of the flame as it is relaxing and romantic, something which lacks from this method but I can always burn non-scented candles to create that effect.  I'm pretty sure this method is a cheaper version but I know for some (who are willing to pay the price of the jars) they will prefer the traditional burning of candles.  It's just a different and definitely not new alternative. 

Doyou use this method?

Jen xx


  1. I love your blog! So cute! Your a teacher in England I like it!
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    1. Aw thank you that's lovely to hear!
      I'm not too sure how the google thing works? Any help would be appreciated!
      I just followed you on bloglovin' :)

  2. lovely review :) I just bought 2 yankee candles in the sale yesterday from the Christmas line and love them :') my first ever candles they smell amazing! I like your idea of the tarts these are more friendly and burn better as I find jars can be hard to burn all the way down x

    1. Thank you so muc, yes that is another advantage of them :). It is great when they are in the sale! xx