Sunday, 26 January 2014

Review: Color Me Pretty lip and cheek Palette - Stila

For my birthday I asked Jon for a few things as he needed a little list.  One of the main products I mentioned to him was a Stila palette consisting of 3 convertible colours.  When it came to my birthday and I excitedly opened the Space NK package I was pleasantly surprised to see a different but very similar palette - the Stila, color me pretty lip and cheek palette.  Jon said that they had run out of the other product and he spent time with the sales assistant finding another product which matched to the one I had requested.  I have to say I think this palette is better (so good work Jon!).


I had wanted to try the Stila convertible shades for a while, but at £16 a pop I had never taken the plunge.  These palettes are a much more purse friendly way to have the convertible shades as you can have 3 (the first palette I mentioned) or 5 (this palette) shades for between £19 and £23.  I thought this was a good way to try them out and the packaging would be more portable.

The Color me pretty palette is larger but has 5, smaller colours all in a range of shades and all the shades are beautiful.  This palette contains Kitten, Peony, Gerbera, Rose and Petunia.  I love every single colour and can use them for a range of looks.  I haven't tried them on my lips yet but they are amazing on my cheeks.

Blended in.
I like cream cheek products at the moment as I feel they last longer on my skin and so this is perfect.  The shades are super pigmented, I have to dab a lot on my hand before applying to the cheeks, as the first time I tried it I ended up with so much on my face!  They blend well into the skin but still provide a great colour.  I use my real technique stippling brush as I feel I can control the product a little more. 

I'm really impressed and happy with this product and love every colour.  Have you tried the palette yet? What are your thoughts?

Jen xx    


  1. I really like the idea of this palette, I am a huge fan of cream blushers, so this would be perfect for me. :)

    P.S. Please can you remove your captcha from your blog so it is easier to comment on the posts!

    1. It is brilliant! :)

      Ah what is the captcha?? I will definitely do it if you can help me out!?

    2. I think I might have done it! Thank you for the heads up!

  2. This pallet looks gorgeous I've recently being eyeing up the cheek pallet on the asos website, I don't know there's something real appealing about having a lip and cheek pallet and these shades look beautiful x

    1. It is lovely, I would definitely recommend it :) x