Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Glamshine Stain Splash - L'oreal

Christmas time is always dangerous when you are browsing the shops for gifts and come across things that you might like, this happened when I was in boots.  I went for gifts and general toiletries that I needed to repurchase and found myself perusing the beauty aisles.  Previously I had bought one of the L'oreal Glamshine Stain Splashes in 'Princess' when I was buying my mum some gifts and it was 3 for 2 in Superdrug. 

'Princess' is an orange tone shade which, depending on application and the layers you apply, can be a subtle orange tint or a more intense orange.  I have really been enjoying this shade and product, it applys easily, hydrates my lips and lasts on the lips well.  They can be applied lightly - one layer - for a subtle colour (as below) or reapplied to create a deeper, richer colour/glossy stain.  After a while the glossy finish fades but it leaves behind a stain of the colour - evidence on my hands after swatching!!


As I loved the product so much I was keen to look at the other shades.  I have found that some of the lipsticks I currently have are not hydrating for my already chapped lips and don't last as long when I eat/go out for the evening.  I had read reviews before about these lipglosses/stains when they were first launched as many bloggers compared them to the YSL (owned by L'oreal) glossy stains.  I don't own any of the glossy stains so cannot comment on that aspect but the colour, application and lasting power all get big ticks from me! 
I decided to go for the bolder colours 'Milady' a deep but bright purple and 'Juliet' a shiny red, as I prefer bold colours in these finishes and formulas. 

Princess, Juilet and Milady



I really rate these products, they are an easier and more practical way of wearing bolder colours especially when you have chapped lips like me!  When I bought them they were £7.99 in Boots, they don't have the largest range of colours but I am very happy with the ones I have.  I wore 'Juliet' on Christmas Day and was able to wear it for a good few hours before the shine faded and the colour stain was on my lips all day with one top up late in the afternoon!

Have you tried the the L'oreal Glamshine Stain Splash? What do you think of them?

Jen xx