Thursday, 2 January 2014

Christmas and New Year joys

So I am very late wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and New Year. Sorry! This is due to the fact that I have been travelling around for Christmas visiting family in Essex and Jon and his family in Birmingham. I have had a fantastic Christmas (technically my break isn't over yet as we go back to school on Monday but the children aren't in until Tuesday).  I really don't want this holiday to be over, it's been lovely!


Christmas Day was as traditional as ever, with just my dad, mum, brother and I at home to celebrate. We opened gifts, had a delicious brunch, played card and board games and then helped prepare the main food (although mum did most of the work).  We went all out with our food it was brilliant! Later on we watched some tv and then went to my friends for the evening where again we played games and swooned over their dog - a beautiful Cockerpoo!
Since I can remember Boxing Day has always been a time whe we go to our cousins house in Essex. We play games, catch up (as it isn't often we get to see them) and again eat and eat and eat and swoon over their dogs! The next day we take the dogs and ourselves for a long walk, this time along the beach, it was beautiful but freezing! 

On the 29th I travelled to Birmingham to see Jon and his family. It was lovely to see them all. Again we played games (can you spot a pattern here?) and celebrated Jon's mum's 60th birthday. We went to  beautiful country pub on the way to Coventry, it was in a stunning setting and the food was delicious.

For New Years Jon and I went out for dinner and then watched a film at his house.  I'm quite happy to have a chilled out NYE which was exactly what we did. We went to the bull ring as I wanted to go to Selfridges to pick up some makeup(!) and then went to Piccolinos for food and cocktails. We were going to go to the cinema but the times weren't right for getting trains back so we headed home and watched 'Zero Dark Thirty' before celebrating the new year with Jon's parents. 

I was very lucky with the gifts I received and as I travelled around it was like I had three Christmases! I hope you all had fantastic holidays whether you celebrate Christmas or not. Most importantly I hope you got time to spend with your loved ones and relax! 

Jen xx

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