Tuesday, 24 December 2013

What's in my bag? - date night

A few weeks ago Jon and I met up in London for a date - a meal out.  It's not often that we just meet up for an evening, normally we stay at each other's houses for one or two nights at the weekend.  However when I have a lot of work to do/caught a bug from a sniffly kid, it is good that we can meet up briefly and share a lovely meal.

This particularly evening we decided to meet in Blackheath, we actually went to Cau which was a delicious restaurant specialising in Argentinian steaks/beef. 

But enough about the food - onto the bag. This bag was bought by Jon about 3-4 years ago as a random gift (I think he had spotted my eying it up and decided to treat me - what a star!).  Anyone that knows me well enough will know that I have a thing for black quilted bags.  The Chanel 2.5 bag is my ultimate dream bag, but until I can afford/justify spending thousands on a bag, I enjoy wearing other more affordable quilted bags. 

This bag is from Linea, it is great quality and has a leather and gold chain handle, gold opening and closing clasp and bright pink interior.  It has lasted me really well - I love it!  

Some things I always keep in my bag are my phone (case from Amazon), keys, oyster card (if travelling on bus or train, case from Cath Kidston), purse, diary and an umbrella (if the bag is big enough).  I also keep my hand sanitiser and a John Frieda frizz-ease spray (which I use to try and tame my hair).
As I was travelling to meet Jon I took my Kindle with me (the blue case is from Amazon), I am currently reading Game of Thrones, I'm looking forward to being able to read it more over the Christmas holidays.  I also took a hair clip that I could use for a half up half down do as my hair was quite fly-away that day, on my travels I had it hidden under a hat.   
I also keep a lot of things in the inner zip pocket in my bag, I find it helpful to keep smaller things in there so that I can find them easily.  I keep my keys in there, polos, a hairbrush with mirror, paracetamol, my travelo and lip products.  I always take lip balm with me, my current ones are the Neal's Yard Bee lovely Busy Bee Balm and the Original Lanolips and a lipstick, the Estee Lauder Pure Colour Long Lasting lipstick in 'Lilac Quartz'.  I really love this colour and find it looks very natural. 

Luckily this bag is a medium size so that I can take all these things with me - something that is needed when travelling further. 

What do you take in your bag on a date night?

Jen xx


  1. Love your bag, I can't believe it actually has room for all that stuff :o). Xx

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