Tuesday, 24 December 2013

What's in my bag? - date night

A few weeks ago Jon and I met up in London for a date - a meal out.  It's not often that we just meet up for an evening, normally we stay at each other's houses for one or two nights at the weekend.  However when I have a lot of work to do/caught a bug from a sniffly kid, it is good that we can meet up briefly and share a lovely meal.

This particularly evening we decided to meet in Blackheath, we actually went to Cau which was a delicious restaurant specialising in Argentinian steaks/beef. 

But enough about the food - onto the bag. This bag was bought by Jon about 3-4 years ago as a random gift (I think he had spotted my eying it up and decided to treat me - what a star!).  Anyone that knows me well enough will know that I have a thing for black quilted bags.  The Chanel 2.5 bag is my ultimate dream bag, but until I can afford/justify spending thousands on a bag, I enjoy wearing other more affordable quilted bags. 

This bag is from Linea, it is great quality and has a leather and gold chain handle, gold opening and closing clasp and bright pink interior.  It has lasted me really well - I love it!  

Some things I always keep in my bag are my phone (case from Amazon), keys, oyster card (if travelling on bus or train, case from Cath Kidston), purse, diary and an umbrella (if the bag is big enough).  I also keep my hand sanitiser and a John Frieda frizz-ease spray (which I use to try and tame my hair).
As I was travelling to meet Jon I took my Kindle with me (the blue case is from Amazon), I am currently reading Game of Thrones, I'm looking forward to being able to read it more over the Christmas holidays.  I also took a hair clip that I could use for a half up half down do as my hair was quite fly-away that day, on my travels I had it hidden under a hat.   
I also keep a lot of things in the inner zip pocket in my bag, I find it helpful to keep smaller things in there so that I can find them easily.  I keep my keys in there, polos, a hairbrush with mirror, paracetamol, my travelo and lip products.  I always take lip balm with me, my current ones are the Neal's Yard Bee lovely Busy Bee Balm and the Original Lanolips and a lipstick, the Estee Lauder Pure Colour Long Lasting lipstick in 'Lilac Quartz'.  I really love this colour and find it looks very natural. 

Luckily this bag is a medium size so that I can take all these things with me - something that is needed when travelling further. 

What do you take in your bag on a date night?

Jen xx

Highlighting good highlights

Highlighter is only something I have recently become more interested in.  I have to say I do love seeing other people's night out makeup and noticing a heavy glow to their cheeks and brow bones, it definitely looks amazing on some people. 

I recently have two new additions, the Revlon Photoready Skinlights face illuminator which I bought myself and the MAC product which was a birthday gift from my brother. 

I decided to purchase the Revlon Face Illuminator in 'Bare Light' after seeing the beautiful Alix from Icovetthee talk about it.  I don't normally go for warmer toned highlights but I really do like this.  Alix used the product under her foundation whereas I have been using it on the top of my cheeks, down my nose and on my cupids bow after I have applied my foundation.  I will definitely be trying it under my foundation though.  I find that a little product definitely goes a long way and once on my face it adds a subtle shimmer but I'm sure that it can be built up for a strong glow. This is a little glittery which personally I don't mind but for those of you who don't like the glitter look you might want to be careful!

The MAC cream colour base I had wanted for a while and so when my brother asked me for birthday ideas this was on top of my list.  It appears it is really hard to get your hands on the Pearl shade of this product and so I am so grateful that my brother was able to find it as I love it (thanks so much Rich!).  It is a lovely, cool, pearl shimmer colour which looks great on the cheek bones and shows up super well on the brow bones. 

I've really been enjoying upping my highlight, particularly for nights out, I love the effect - glowing not greasy!  Personally I prefer cream highlighters as I find they last longer and are easier to apply and blend.  Both these products are beautiful and I would definitely recommend them.

Have you tried any of these products? What highlighter do you use?

Jen xx

Monday, 23 December 2013

Burgundy Kisses

Artificial light

I don't often paint my nails when I'm at school as my nail polish never seems to last long. However I love wearing polish, I think it can make an entire outfit and I have a large collection which reflects this love. 

I recently purchased the Maybelline Colour Show nail polish in 'Burgundy Kiss'.  This is a lovely dark wine colour, perfect for the winter months, it also has a slight brown tone to it in certain lights.  I have really been liking this colour.  I do find that sometimes darker shades enhance my pale skin and make my hands appear a little dead but this colour has been lovely. 

Natural light

The brush is a large size which made application quick and easy. I found that the colour looked good after just one coat, it was a dark red colour, but I added another coat to make it a deeper wine shade.  It has a beautiful glossy finish and is very opaque. 
Index and middle finger with 1 coat, ring and little fnger 2 coats
I used a Revlon top coat which I have had for a while and find it really helpful for protecting my nails from damage and chipping, ths polish lasted 3-4 days without major chipping.  i will definitely be looking at picking up more shades from this range.  
Have you tried any of the ColourShow polishes?
Jen xx

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Miso - Mi-love

Every now and then I always have a craving for Chinese/oriental food.  When I was younger I kept it simple with just one dish, normally a chicken chow mein and millions of prawn crackers, but as I've grown so has my interest in trying new things and now I like to have many dishes to sample!

One of my favourite places to eat Chinese/oriental food is Miso. It doesn't have the greatest range of restaurants (mainly South London -Locations), but if you do live near one I would definitely recommend it!  The atmosphere is good, the portions huge and the dishes delicious and well priced. 

The dish I traditionally go for is either the 'Miso Extra' (a noodle dish with a range of meats) or the 'duck with udon'.  However, in keeping with trying lots of dishes, this time I went for a soup dish (which is noodles and other yummy offerings in a GIGANTIC bowl of watery soup), edamame beans and vegetable and prawn tempura, which were all scrumptious.  I have recently found a great love for tempura ever since a friend introduced it to me in Brighton and if I see it on a menu I am always tempted to order it.  The tempura at Miso is delicious with large helpings and no scrimping on the filling, the prawns are huge! 

My brother also went for a main and two side dishes. He had Yaki Udon and then duck spring rolls and Gyoza.  Everything was delicious and as it was lunchtime I was able to keep eating and eating!! 

I really do love Miso, it is a great place to go with friends and the pricing is fantastic - most main dishes are under £9 but I don't think the flavour or quality is missing because of the lower price.  I'm maybe not the best judge of oriental food but I keep going back and back. 

Have you ever been to Miso? What is your favourite oriental restuarant?

Jen xx