Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Review - Endless silky eye pen, Pixi

Whilst I was browsing on Feelunique I saw these eye pencils and immediately became intrigued by them.  I own one other item from Pixi (a large shadow, blush and lipstick palette) which I received as a gift around 2 years ago and I have really enjoyed the quality of.  I liked the colour range that these offered, mainly the purple and nude colour (which I thought would be good for highlighting the inner corner). 

This pack was £16.99 and I actually ended up getting it from the Pixi website as it was sold out on Feelunique.  This kit contains 5 mini eye pencils in the shades; Black Noir, Black Cocoa, Deep Plum, Sage Gold and Oyster Glow, it also contains a sharpener (handy!). 

I'm really liking these pencils, they glide on smoothly without scratching at the skin.  They also blend well if blended straight away but also have a long lasting time when they have settled onto the skin.   

What are your favourite eye liners/pencils?


Jen xx

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Beauty Haul #2 - a lotta lips

After seeing FleurDeForce's blog post about the Rimmel Moisture Renew lipsticks I bcame determined to try and find 'In Love With Ginger' as the orangey shade looked gorgeous and is not a shade I currently own.  The shops I went to didn't have the shade but as I was still tempted by an orange treat I found Maybelline did the colour 'electric orange'. 

Electric Orange

1 application patted in

2 applications

I really like this shade and think, when it's patted in, orange can look good on my skin tone.  Once applied more heavily it can create a more intense night out look.  Maybelline lipsticks have never really worked for me before but this 'colour sensational' line (of which I now own two lipsticks) provide good colour.

1 application patted in
2 applications
The second shade I picked up is 'Midnight Plum' a purple, shimmery colour.  As with 'Electric Orange' this shade can be both muted and intense depending on your desired look. 

Pumpkin and Raisin

To go with these lipsticks I picked up some lip liners from Sleek.  One in 'Pumpkin' the other 'Raisin'.  These are really soft and apply comfortably onto the lips.  I am still looking for the perfect purple-pink toned lip liner as this one is a little dark. 
I also picked up a repurchase of the Rimmel 'Stay Matte' powder and decided to buy Maybelline 'The Rocket' a I had been wanting to try this for a while.  I do like it, however I prefer Maybelline 'The Falsies'. 
I'm happy with these purchases - the lipsticks aren't great at moisturising my chapped lips but I'm happy to top up with lipbalm throughout the day.
What have you been buying recently? Have you tried any of these products?


Jen xx

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Review - Makeover Essenstials Bronzer and Brushes

This is the last of my reviews of the Makeover Essentials.  To get the background story to these products and how I came to own them click here and to see my second post on this brand click here.  The bronzer was the product I purchased for £34.99 to get the others free and I have to say it was the product I was least interested in.

I'm not the biggest bronzer user and as this one is glittery it makes me stay away from it even more!  However when I have swatched it the sparkle does not show up as strong as I thought (that could be a pro or con depending on your views).  The product does give a nice sparkle without giving the glitterball affect. Perhaps I should make an effort to use it more.  Unfortunately the bristles do shed easily but the plastic pop-up covering does work well to protect the product. 

The last product for me to review are the make-up brushes.  They came in a good, slim holder which I currently take to work with me to hold a brush.

The eye brushes inside have been really helpful and soft. I particulalry like the eyebrow/eyeliner brush which I use for my brows as it is smaller than my previous one.  The disappointing brush is the blush brush, it is really hard and scratchy - not something you really want to put on your face! Also as with the bronzer I have noticed that the bristles are shedding. I wonder how long they will last?

 Blush brush (top) and foundation brush (bottom)

From top - lip brush, eyeliner brush, eyeshadow brush and eyeliner/eyebrow brush.
Have you tried anything from Makeover essentials? If so what?
Jen xx